Cabaret Hotline Online
"I got my advance copy of Something Wonderful in the mail on Saturday afternoon
and this is a cabaret CD you will want to own!"
CD Baby
"Innovative jazz stylings...a mix of standards, theatre tunes, and contemporary songs
to illustrate the diverse loves that connect us."
“Any composer, lyricist, or composer-lyricist would be thrilled to have this woman
performing his or her material, as Tate is one of those rare artists who sings with
abandon - and the notes are just there… A reliable voice is one thing,but this one has
power, texture, and a beautiful tone to round out the vocal package. Oh...and Tate can
act, too. Tate sings with so much passion and pizzazz...You'll be thunderstruck by her
MN Online
"Pam Tate wraps up her exciting run…she has a powerful voice and wonderful
material, making this singer with a bluesy edge well worth checking out."
All Music Guide
"A charismatic soul-styled vocalist..."
Runterladen Jazz, Blues, Funk
"Pam Tate is an awesome presence... and whether she’s singing fast or slow, high and
sweet or down and dirty, the result is the same - her soul reaches out and wraps
around her audience."
NJ Record
"Singer Pam Tate has pipes The White House would kill for. She's an awesome belter,
with enough power to fill an arena..."
"a self-assured, in-command vocalist with a wide range of emotions as well as vocal
range... Something Wonderful mixed some of her old material with new... an evocative
"All the Way" (Cahn-Van Heusen) filled with heart. Reprising Brel's Marieke...This
mournful ode to a lost one can be tricky in the wrong hands. I know of some major
vocalists who could take lessons from Tate on how to interpret this powerful song. She
creates a fierce crescendo that cried out in defiance and pain."
NY Native
"... this is one versatile singer who is very focused and unafraid to strip emotions bare
with a powerhouse delivery and a divine poignancy that captivates the room."
Cabaret Scenes Magazine
"Tate is a high-octane dramatic singer, assigning a mix of standards, theatre tunes,
and contemporary songs to illustrate the diverse loves that connect us. Possessing a
voice that is more powerhouse than pretty, Tate grabs the listener's attention and
holds tight."
Pam Tate... moved into the Jacques Brel-Gerard Jouannest "Marieke," for which Eric
Blau supplied the English lyric. The song is like a gathering storm, and Tate allowed
herself to be gathered into it. Many have given themselves over to the tune (Karen
Akers does it like an anthem), but few have reached such tormented depths with it."
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Pam's third CD, SOMETHING WONDERFUL,  is a mix
of  standards and contemporary songs that illustrate the
diverse loves that connect us.  Compositions by the
Gershwins, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Jacques Brel, and
contemporary songwriters Sting and Tate herself, are
featured.  Pam turns down the volume with this stylish
jazz/cabaret outing, but all of Tate's hallmark traits are
intact - her blues inflections, her impeccable phrasing, and
her ability to make a lyric a personal journey. Tracks from
Something Wonderful abound on internet radio stations.
Track List:
1. Bridges
2. Watch What Happens
3. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
4. God Bless The Child
5. Something Wonderful
6. In My Recurring Dream
7. Our Love Is Here To Stay
8. The Rhythm of Life
9. Marieke
10. All The Way / Make Someone Happy
11. Going As We Go
Tedd Firth - Piano
Ritt Henn - Bass
Rex Benincasa - Percussion
Pam Tate - Vocals

Engineered by Joe Berger at
Unique Studio, NYC
Produced by Beat Productions
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God Bless the Child
by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr