Pam Tate & Her Men In Blues plays soulful and sultry Rhythm & Blues fronted by lead
singer/songwriter, Pam Tate. A popular blues singer from NYC who has settled in Nashville, Pam
has hooked up with some of Nashville's top studio and touring musicians.
Their repertoire ranges from Bessie Smith and Al Green to Tom Waits to Lady Gaga,
as well as originals that sound like instant classics.
Pam Tate
& Her Men In Blues
featuring Bob Hatter on Guitar
Pam Tate
Chicago Star Newspapers  
"If you really would like some hot jazz with charismatic female vocals, put on Pam
Tate’s new LP, Die Happy on Left Field Records. This is the kind of thing you’d
expect to hear walking into a club in the 40’s -- a big-sounding band, plenty of
horns, and an emotion-drenched crooner carrying it all along."
Contemporary Jazz Review  
"One of the most engaging collections you’ve ever heard. That’s Pam Tate. A
female B.B. King in the making, based on this simmering, often cooking, stylish
debut. That’s Pam Tate, too. Her tunes are hot, her voice is powerful... she’s an
original. That’s Pam Tate."
“The strong compositions have lyrics as tough as they are tender, some with
changes, melodies and hooks memorable enough to make them instant classics,
like ‘COUNTING THE HOURS,’ which sounds like a 30-year-old R&B classic that’s
been in Delbert McClinton’s repertoire for years.”
Southland Blues Magazine  
"Full horn arrangements, some Jimmy Smith-ish organ, and a backing chorus on
many of the selections. Tate has one of those skyrocket-type voices that climbs
for the high ones, and she uses it to good effect."
Maryland Musician Magazine  
"If you’re into the great blues stylists of the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s, look no further than
Die Happy, the debut release from this longtime favorite on the New York
nightclub circuit."

DIE HAPPY, Pam's first CD of original songs was
released by independent label Left Field Records,
to international acclaim and radio play.
Two singles received US Top 40 radio station play -
Love Is Strange and Do What You Wanta and her
Once In A Blue Moon became an instant classic,
played on jazz and blues stations.  

In South Korea, Pam's title track, Die Happy,
was featured on a Best of the Blues compilation,
sandwiched between Tony Bennett and Billie Holiday.
Music and Entertainment reviewer Alex Henderson wrote,
"Tate proves herself to be the type of singer who would have
no problem tackling Bobby "Blue" Bland's songs one minute
and paying tribute to Joe Williams or Count Basie the next..."

Die Happy won Pam Tate a cult following of
blues and jazz aficionados in the know.

Willy Dalton - Guitar
Mike Mancini - Piano/Keyboards
John Hughes - Bass
Randy Landau - Bass
Dave Longworth - Drums
Vince Cherico - Drums
Robin Daniels - Vocals/Percussion
Diane Spann-Miller - Vocals
Margaret Dorn - Vocals
Jenny Burgoyne - Vocals
Peter Davis - Vocals
Kevin Osborne - Vocals
Vinnie Cutro - Trumpet/Flugelhorns
Byron Stripling -
Conrad Zulauf Jr. - Trombone
Tom Hamilton - Saxophone
Pam Tate - Lead Vocals

Horn Arrangements - Willy Dalton
Engineered by Jeremy Harris at
Westrax Studio, NYC
Assistant Engineer -
Anthony J. D'Urso
Produced & Arranged by Pam Tate
for Left Field Records

The New Jersey Record  
"Singer Pam Tate has pipes the White House would kill for. She’s an awesome belter with enough power to fill an arena. At
the Ballroom last Sunday night, she just about blew the walls off the place."
Journal-News' Diversions  
"The ten original tunes that make up Die Happy run the gamut of emotions, from jealousy to vengefulness, but in the
grandest blues tradition, always dealing with the passions of love and sex. And the bluesiest numbers are also the sexiest...
With Tate’s slick production, she shows us that influences from the past can live up to modern musical standards. Die
Happy may seem like a blast from the past, but the blues -- as if we didn’t already know -- are timeless."
Seattle Heritage Music Review
“Pam Tate has adapted a few classic songwriting concepts to create her own brand of tasteful, jazzy offerings. ‘ONCE IN A
BLUE MOON is evocative of the torch songs of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.”
Cordele Dispatch  
"Tate’s influence can be traced to such blues and jazz legends as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington, but
Tate updates those classic, timeless traditions by adding 90’s pop sensibilities."
Bucks County Courier Times  
"She comes to the recording scene with a deep and natural affinity for the blues and jazz. This album showcases her
splendidly in both formats and should cause more fans to flock to this singer, who seems to empty her soul into every song.
Watch for Pam Tate as a hot artist on the rise."
Springfield's Arts & Entertainment Lifestyle Magazine  
"She proves on her self-produced debut album, Die Happy on Left Field Records, Pam Tate is a hell of a blues singer. Pam
pours out heartfelt emotions by the bucketsful. Die Happy displays Pam Tate’s strong wide-ranging vocals, her steeped-in-
tradition composing, and her knack for tasty, always appropriate arrangements."
New York Daily News  
"She is attractive. She probably has one big, wide, wonderful future to look forward to."
Southland Blues Magazine
"Full horn arrangements, some Jimmy Smith-ish organ, and a backing chorus on many of the selections. Tate has one of
those skyrocket-type voices that climbs for the high ones, and she uses it to good effect."
The Mac Report  
"Die Happy puts me in an aggressive, feel-good-about-myself mood. I want to put on some clean threads, walk in to a sassy
club, and see her sitting on the edge of the piano in a slinky black dress... bluesy, funky and she is one of the best piano bar
slinky singers I’ve heard in a long time."
Virginian Pilot & Ledger Star  
"A mighty impressive debut... Tate has a husky, full-bodied voice that is perfect for her brand of modern blues, torch songs
and cool jazz. She can soul-shout like an Aretha wannabe or turn it down to a cool groove on several Steely Dan-style jazz
shuffles. But along with her singing, Tate’s musical sense shows a rare sophistication and confidence not found on many
debuts. The songs, arrangements and production are impeccable, bringing blues and ‘50s-style jazz up to modern standards
without sacrificing one beat or drop of emotion... Every song is a treat... in what promises to be a bright future... Alternative
Top 10."
Raleigh News & Observer  
"Tate, eclectic and direct, suggests heart-on-the-sleeve singers such as Keely Smith, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles. A
sultry, blues-inflected singer."
Arts & Entertainment, Springfield, MO
“She writes and sings from her soul to make music that would have won over audiences in a Roaring Twenties speakeasy,
that hits the listener right in the heart today and that will sound just as passionate and meaningful in some future era.”
Richmond News Leader
“From the opening steamy blues on the title track, ‘DIE HAPPY,’ the slinky jazz arrangement complete with finger snaps on
‘STEP IN THE WRONG DIRECTION’ to the sass of the closing song ‘YOUR SECRET’S SAFE,’ Ms. Tate covers a wide stylistic
territory with confidence.”
Music Reviewer  
"If you like your blues smooth, give this a try."
Ventura County & Coast Reporter  
"Sultry singer/songwriter who incorporates a bluesy/jazzy style plus a voice as big as all outdoors... She’s got the tools to
be rich."
Leader Times  
"She sounds very much like Peggy Lee but this is all Pam Tate. It’s quite good."
Springfield News Leader  
"An inspired set of jazzy blues... in the styles of Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday and Etta James. Tate has the writing talent
and the voice to do them justice."
“‘ONCE IN A BLUE MOON’ is the goods, a voluptuous, bluesy torch song.”
Midwest Record Recap
“Entry in café new eleganza is a tasty find…some new adult hot stuff.”
Deseret News
“Tate’s songs ‘A WOMAN SCORNED’ and ‘STEP IN THE WRONG DIRECTION’ are reminiscent of other contemporary
successes that brought…jazz to mass audiences, such as Manhattan Transfer.”
Orange County Register, Santa Ana, CA
“Even if she couldn’t sing, Tate would have a future as a writer. Her songs are accessible and memorable.”
Cash Box
“…influences are Bessie Smith and Lady Day…if you want to pretend you’re in a smoky, NYC nightclub, splurge.”