Times Newspaper Group   
"Pam Tate’s new literary-influenced pop-rock album Dancing on the Pyramids is first rate!...
An excellent CD, highly recommended... Tate is an intelligent, perceptive, melodic songwriter
with a powerful voice who deserves all the success that will follow her all over the world."
The Audiophile Voice   
"Who is Pam Tate? She’s the best damn singer/songwriter I’ve never heard of... Dancing on
the Pyramids is pure pop for now-older people. Make that great pop: monumental anthems,
sensitive ballads and infectious rock numbers featuring sharp hooks and stirring melodies, all
sung with a set of pipes so prodigiously good I swear they sound famous -- at least they ought to
be famous... Quite accessible... She was born just in time to be terrific right now."
Music Monthly   
"Brushes literary quality imagery against sparkling melodic canvases of pop, torch and even
reggae. Throw in enough hooks to fill a tackle box, and Tate’s work can’t help but overwhelm
mainstream aficionados."
Copley News Service   
"On her second release, singer-songwriter Tate offers some new sounds... Her vocal ability
remains strong. The sounds are funky and the lyrics attempt to deliver a more intellectual slant.
In addition, almost every song is a good dance tune... Tate establishes herself as a multi-
talented vocalist capable of working with new sounds and styles."
Pittsburgh City Paper   
"Her approach is effective in creating infectious, poppy tunes suitable for radio... Tate has a
good thing going. She may feel she was ‘born to late for the beat generation,’ but she has the
look and the sensibilities."
Midwest Record Recap   
"Shows her versatility... Over to the pop side... Fun outing that adult listeners will enjoy."
"The Wax Works" (syndicated)   
"Switches to pop-rock on this... Every song a story, solid lyrics."
The North Jersey Herald & News   
"Here’s something a little different. Refreshing in its trend-bucking style, Pam Tate’s second
album establishes her... Whether it be joy or melancholy, her songs are all bursting with
emotion. Her talented vocals cover lots of territory... Those tired of the quickly tiring alternative
sounds may find Tate’s confident grasp of the arrangements and ear for diversity to be a
welcome change of pace."
Steppin' Out Magazine   
"High-caliber... Interesting lyrics and some killer rhythm tracks."
The Indianapolis Star   
"Has a lot of great beats... wonderful party dance music... She also intelligently explores love...
This is a dandy album, especially if you can think and dance at the same time."
Jam Music & Entertainment Magazine   
"Unbelievable... reggae flavor... Latin-influence... among the many rock and pop cuts."
Dancing on the Pyramids
proved herself to be a versatile songwriter and vocalist,
embracing sounds from rock, reggae and  flamenco as well
as her trademark blues-tinged  ballads. Three singles
received widespread Adult Alternative radio play - Love Lost
and Found, Born Too Late (For The Beat Generation), and
Queen of the Broken Heart. Tracks Sirocco and The Rage of
Paris are regularly performed by artists in NYC's club
scene. Pam's reputation as a songwriter of smart, quirky
lyrics and memorable melodies was firmly established with
the release of Dancing on the Pyramids.
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Queen of the Broken Heart
Track List:
1. Born Too Late(For the Beat Generation)
2. The Rage of Paris
3. Queen of the Broken Heart
4. Follow You
5. Safer Place
6. Thinking of You
7. Moth to a Flame
8. Love Lost and Found
9. Sirocco
10. Slip Through My Hands
11. Go
Willy Dalton - Guitar/Mandolin
Mike Mancini - Piano/Keyboards
Paul Ossola - Bass
Vince Cherico - Drums/Percussion
Margaret Dorn - Background Vocals
Everett Bradley - Background Vocals
Pam Tate - Lead Vocals

Engineered by Jeremy Harris at
Unique Studio and RPM, NYC and
Nevessa Productions, Saugerties, NY
Mixed by Pam Tate and Chris
Andersen at Nevessa
Assistant Engineer - Scott Eisenberg
Produced & Arranged by Pam Tate for
Left Field Records
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