Translated from Dutch – Blues Magazine, The Netherlands      

    by Peter Marinus

    "Good news for lovers of blues with a high soul content! Pam Tate & Her Men In Blues have released
    a new album with (only) 6 songs, all in that genre.  Pam Tate is a singer from New York, who after
    some peregrinations ended up in Nashville. With her Men In Blues (Bob Hatter (guitar, former Rick
    Derringer), Pete Young (drums) and Dow Tomlin (bass) she opened for artists like Hall & Oates and
    The Doobie Brothers and now she is already at her fourth album.

    An album that opens with the lazily shuffling Forecast Calls For Pain in which her warm soul voice is
    great. The song is in style in the same angle as Robert Cray. Bob Hatter stands out in a positive way
    with his hard crying guitar. Robert Cray was also of great influence in the slow blues Gonna Get It
    Right . This is apparent, for example, from the text "We play Robert Cray while we're making love".
    Pam goes vocally to the raw hole here and Bob Hatter is back on his piercing game.

    After we heard all kinds of radio stations passing by, we finally end up with the languid boogie
    Leavin' With My Heart in which, due to the raw slide guitar, there is a slight Southern rock edge. Kiss
    These Tears Goodbye is a softer soul ballad with Pam's vocal in the lead. Take Me To The River, by
    Al Green, has been covered countless times. Pam has opted for a faster and raw blues version in
    which the raw slide stands out. A great pumping cover!

    Even A Song For You is a cover. This time from the ballad of Leon Russell, transformed by Pam and
    her men into funky soul blues. After all these ballad versions this version is a relief.

    This album is recommended for fans of the better soul blues."

GONNA GET IT RIGHT is Pam Tate's fourth CD,
this one recorded in Nashville with her band,
PAM TATE & HER MEN IN BLUES, and featuring
BOB HATTER on guitar. Since forming in 2018, Pam and her band have
been winning fans and gaining radio
airplay internationally.

Pam's pared down sound on this release puts the
emphasis on her soulful voice and emotional
renderings of new originals.  Kiss These Tears Goodbye
is a tender song about fighting and making up. The sassy
Leavin' With My Heart rocks the house, and
Gonna Get It Right, about a woman
trying desperately to please her man, turns into a
blues anthem for strong women who won't take it anymore.
Her interpretations of two classics, Al Green's
Take Me To The River and  A Song For You by Leon Russell, secures her
reputation as a unique stylist.

"Tate has a husky, full-bodied voice that is perfect for her brand of modern blues,
torch songs and cool jazz. She can soul-shout like an Aretha wannabe or turn it
down to a cool groove. But along with her singing, Tate’s musical sense shows a
rare sophistication and confidence. The songs, arrangements and production are
impeccable, bringing blues and ‘50s-style jazz up to modern standards without
sacrificing one beat or drop of emotion. Every song is a treat."  - Virginian Pilot


    Pam Tate - vocal
    Bob Hatter - guitars
    William Lenk - keyboards
    Dow Tomlin - bass
    Pete Young - drums

    Produced and arranged
    by Pam Tate

    Recorded & Mixed by
    Pam Tate and David Taylor
    at The Facility Nashville,
    for Beat Productions,
    Nashville 2018

Click on a track to listen

1. Forecast Calls For Pain

2. Gonna Get It Right

3. Leavin' With My Heart

4. Kiss These Tears Goodbye

5. Take Me To The River

6. A Song For You

All songs by Pam Tate©Pam Tate/  
True Believer Publishing / BMI
Pam Tate